Fishkiss was a folk rock band from the Toronto area active from 2003-2007.

Some home recordings (2004) and our live demo recordings (2005) are available here.

Alex Eamonn Palmer
Blaise Alleyne
Zak Ward
Alyssa Andres

There was more there than just the weather,
and the wind singing through the snow.
The white earth kept the signs we left under the north star,
and your heart was warm against the cold.


Bancroft County (Jan 23, 2016)
(Blaise live with Hart House Chamber Strings)


April Showers (2004)

April Showers (acoustic)

Melody and Melancholy (2004)

Traveller (2004/2009)

In Silence (missing vocals)

Nevermore (missing vocals)

Live Demo (October 2005)

April Showers

Cedars and Stars

You Asked Me

June Comes December (based on Rachel's Song)


In Silence

Live @ The Kathedral (2006)

Cedars and Stars

Bancroft County

Green Eyes


June Comes December (based on Rachel's Song)

April Showers

Halton's Post

In Silence

Live Acoustic @ Hart House Arbor Room (2009)

Other live recordings

Nevermore (Sept 2005, Oakville Terry Fox Run)

The General (Dispatch cover, Live @ Del Oct 2005) — Mike Tracey (guitar, vocals), Blaise Alleyne (bass)

June Comes December (based on Rachel's Song) — Live at Del Oct 2005, with Michael Bond (vocals), Alex Palmer (acoustic guitar), Mike Tracey (bass)